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State of Ohio - 2012 Parade States Dedication

There are now close to four million Puerto Ricans living throughout the mainland of the United States of America and we are proud that the State of New York, the home of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, despite the new demographic trends, continues to be the home of the largest Puerto Rican community in the nation.

Because of our strong presence in New York, a national bridge was built by National Puerto Rican Day Parade to proudly promote national awareness and appreciation of our Puerto Rican culture and our contributions throughout the United States.  By 1999, the national interest had expanded with the participation of over 33 states in our Parade along Fifth Avenue in New York City.


Every year, as part of our mission to promote education, economic development, cultural recognition and advancement, the Board of Directors selects one State in the nation to recognize and emphasize the achievements made by thousands of Puerto Ricans residing in the designated State.

For 2012, this special recognition has been bestowed upon the State of Ohio.

Ohio is located in the Midwestern part of the United States with an estimated population of 11.5 million.  Its ten (10) largest cities (2010 est.): Columbus, 787,033; Cleveland, 396,8158; Cincinnati, 296,943; Toledo, 287,208; Akron, 199,110; Dayton, 141,527; Parma, 81,601; Youngstown, 66,982; Canton, 73,007; Lorain, 64,097; and its largest count by population and area is Cuyahoga, 1,280,122.

Ohio residents with Puerto Rican heritage have grown in recent decades.  According to the Census 2010, there is a Hispanic population of 354,674 including 94,965 Puerto Rican residents.  Some of the strong presence of Puerto Ricans in the State of Ohio is due to previous generations of Puerto Ricans moving to that state to fill labor shortages in many important mainland industries such as the steel mills.


Below find some additional facts about the State of Ohio:
Nickname:            Buckeye State
Origin of name:   From an Iroquoian word meaning “great river”
Residents:           Ohioans
Motto:                   With God all things are possible
Governor:             John Kasich, R (to Jan. 2015)

State symbols:
Flower:                  Scarlet carnation
Tree:                       Buckeye
Bird:                       Cardinal
Insect:                    Ladybug
Gemstone:            Flint
Song:                     “Beautiful Ohio”
Beverage:              Tomato Juice
Fossil:                     trilobite
Animal:                 White-tailed deer
Wildflower           Large white trillium



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